Your resume needs to represent the very best you have to offer.

As master-level branding strategists and career marketing architects, we dive deep below the surface of your professional background to bring out your expertise, experience, and key accomplishments. Our goal is to ensure that the reader understands how powerful, effective, and impactful you have been in past organizations and will be at their organization moving forward.

Not sure what type of resume is right for you? Check out this great post by writer, Jane Taylor!

We will help you get past computer pre-screening systems with a keyword-rich, expertly written, attention-grabbing resume. Once in front of a real human being, your resume will represent the very best you have to offer.

We offer two types of resume support to our clients:

1. “Ghostwriter” Collaborative Resume

With this service, we will design a resume layout and write on your behalf, with your input throughout. Thus, the resume rework is 85% efforts completed by us with content editing by you to ensure accuracy and that your voice resonates throughout the resume.

2. “Ghostwriter” NipTuck Resume

This option is similar to the Collaborative Resume, however, the effort is swapped – you do 85% of the resume rework and we take it the rest of the way. Final content editing is still performed by you to ensure accuracy and that your voice resonates throughout the resume.

As your resume architects, we will:

  • Develop a powerful resume from your current resume, gathering insights on your unique qualifications from documents provided in order to create a targeted, accomplishment-focused resume that truly brings out your experience.
  • Update and enhance your transferable skills on your resume, leveraging what you do best while connecting the proverbial dots to folks you are targeting. We want them to go “ahhh….yes, I see why (s)he is the perfect hire” not “what does (s)he mean they can do this job?”
  • Work closely with you to ensure your voice resonates through the document.
  • Develop a “brand look and feel” to be used in all career communications (e.g. Cover Letters, Reference Sheets, etc.).
  • Ensure that the resume is tight, clean, and sharp – visually appealing and SEO keyword rich to gain attention in the virtual world.
  • Deliver a first rough draft of resume within 5-7 business days from the starting point of the resume revision. All revisions will occur via email.
  • Proposal includes a total of 3 rounds of revisions. Additional revision rounds will be charged at $50 per round. (Most likely though, we will only need two rounds!)
  • E-mail delivery of final resume in Word format, as well as PDF (plain text formats on request).



We offer custom pricing to our clients. Why? Because your situation is unique and our pricing reflects that. When you request a quote, we’ll assess your career history, your goals and your current resume. Only then can we determine a suggested strategy and the appropriate investment.

We don’t “cookie cut” our pricing…you might only need a comma turned into a semi colon or a quick nip or tuck on your resume. If so, you’ll pay a different price than if we spend 10 hours on it. Our resume support begins at $299.

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