Webinar Recording: The Pain of Indecision

Lindsey Lathrop, Coach

Thanks for joining me! If you missed it, here’s the recording:

People & Resources I mentioned:

Barry Schwartz | TEDTalk: The Paradox of Choice


Gretchen Rubin | Are you a Satisficer or Maximizer?


William Duggan | Fast Company: How to Use Strategic Intuition to Get Ahead


Dan Gilbert | TEDTalk: Why we make bad decisions


Lindsey’s 6 Steps to Making a Decision:

1. Set your criteria (make a “Head and Heart” list)

2. Create a few options (3-5 is key!) Ask yourself…AND WHAT ELSE?

3. Set a date to decide. REALLY.

4. Decide.

5. Move on. (You.must.move.on.)

6. What did you learn?


[Get all the details of the webinar here.]

And remember…

“Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be okay.”

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