Stop hiding your magic. The world is ready for you.

I am a life coach. And I am in your corner. I help my clients find the motivation, perspective, and heightened self-awareness necessary to make decisions, overcome challenges, move forward, and thrive.

Growing up in a household colored by the serious illness of a parent taught me early on how to find my way around, over, and through challenges. Such finding takes concerted effort and diligence but is the kind of work that brings great rewards.

This work taught me to make decisions and stick to them, to get unstuck and make plans, and that crisis can yield unexpected gifts. This work is my calling.

That you are reading my bio suggests that you might be stuck or approaching a decisive point in your life. I invite you to benefit from my experience. Let’s approach it together!

My specialties include:
Personal Development Coaching
★ Awareness Coaching
Strengths-Based Coaching (StrengthsFinder™)
★ Leadership Coaching
★ Accountability Coaching

My work in human resources and background as an athletic coach gives me unique insight into what’s possible. I know how to help my clients find the energy and willpower necessary to overcome perceived limitations and accomplish their goals. I also know what it’s like to make excuses; I made them unwittingly until a life coach pointed them out to me. I made excuses to stay in the wrong job, to stay in a toxic relationship, to eat poorly. I convinced myself not to ask for a raise, not to improve relationships with my family, not to spend time taking care of myself… Sound familiar?

My life coach asked the hard questions and kept me accountable to my answers. Today, this is what I do. I help my clients plan and stick to actionable steps that harness their strength and help them step beyond the decisive points into the richness of their lives.

The word crisis has its origins in the Greek krinein meaning to separate, discern, or discriminate. In Middle English, crisis came to denote the turning point of a disease (very pertinent to my childhood experience) or a journey. In the 17th century, it came to represent a ‘decisive point’ in a person’s life.

What to expect when working with me:

– Encouragement and structure

– Hard work

– A judgement-free and safe space

– To be listened to, and to be heard

– Thought-provoking questions

– An honest sounding board

– Homework and mental exercises to complete in between sessions

– Email support in between sessions

Charged with the energy that comes with witnessing breakthrough, I am thrilled to be a life coach. The most gratifying and joyous moments along my journey thus far have been when I play a part in people like you stepping into their greatness.

I am Burlington-based. I meet with clients virtually and in person. Ready to make a change? Contact me.

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