Solve Problems You Enjoy

Lindsey Lathrop, Coach

I missed a key element during my decision-making webinar. That element is our values.

We’ve made the ‘right’ decision when we decide with our values. I’ll use a decision I made this weekend as an example.

I ride a scooter 🏍 (it’s a ‘Vino’ which makes sense because I also enjoy drinking vino🍷). It needed new front brake pads which cost $65 to have the shop do. Not a big deal. But…could I do it myself?

Ding ding ding! A decision point!

Here’s what to know: One of my #1 values is learning. Especially things where I get my hands dirty (and, partly things that guys think I can’t do. I hate that’s even a thing.)

The brake pads arrived, I watched YouTube a billion times, and after 4 hours (yup) of the pads popping off the caliper yet again, I DID IT! Brake pads installed! Front brakes work! Victory!

Sure, it was supposed to take a half hour. When I found myself grumbling “Wow, this is taking a long time!,” I’d remind myself “Lindsey, you want to LEARN this!” And it’s true, I really did.

Here’s the point: Happiness comes from solving problems you enjoy solving.

If the thought of installing brake pads makes you want to run the other way, that’s totally fine! At least you know what you don’t like.

But, how do you know what YOU value? Ask yourself:

  • Think back to a peak experience. What did you do to make it happen?
  • What is the most important thing to you? What specifically is important about it?
  • If someone really knew you, what would they know about you?
  • What do you really dislike? (In others or in a particular task?) The opposite can elicit a value.

For me right now, I deeply value: travel, sunlight, learning about and sharing coaching, moving my body, and getting my hands dirty (gardening, fixing things around the house).

Will I value those things in 6 months? Maybe or maybe not. But for now, I will be making decisions in honor of that list.


I hope this helps you tackle something challenging this week!





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