Mistakes or information?

Amy Magyar, Coach

I am trying to learn WordPress, the backend system that fuels our website here at FromWithin Coaching. But it hasn’t been easy. I write the blog, I hit save, I add photos, I hit save. And yet, each time, when I think I have it just so…I do something wrong and it deletes itself. I have written three times, a wonderful blog on Savannah Guthrie’s commencement speech this past spring,  I have written about her wonderful message on how taking big leaps are truly more uncomfortable than scary, and often, they take us down a path that is better than the ones we wanted (especially when where we land is different than where we thought we should.)

But for some reason, WordPress doesn’t want me to write about that speech. It wants me to write about mistakes – or as I call them, learning opportunities. For me, a mistake, isn’t really a failure. It is a learning opportunity. The number of times I thought I hit “save” and forgot to hit “save draft” means I had to learn, again and again, what to do when I post a blog. I don’t think that the opposite of success is failure, I think it is information. Because when something doesn’t go the way we think it should, don’t we learn something? Every time if we are looking for the lessons.

Do we learn from our successes? Not so much it turns out. We pop the cork to celebrate, pat ourselves on the back and keep moving forward – not actually analyzing what went right…so how much do we actually learn as to why things went right. For me, I see the opportunity to expand my knowledge, is to not have things go well…or mistakes as some call them. I call them un-gift wrapped presents. Like this blog. It has humbled me, challenged me, and taught me. More than if I had successfully posted the first attempt at the blog – three times wasn’t a charm for me on trying to post the original blog, but it did give me a chance to share that when things don’t go the way you thought they should, they are often incredible opportunities to expand and grow.

Maybe someday I’ll write what I was going to write about Savannah Guthrie’s amazing speech…but for now, I learned my lesson. Don’t push what doesn’t want to be written…learn from it instead.

Ready to take what you thought were “failures” and turn the into information? FromWithin Coaching is here to help. And if anyone knowns WordPress and wants to barter for coaching – feel free to reach out!



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