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Remember, don’t make these common mistakes!

  • Accepting the first salary offer
  • Assuming the process is fixed (thinking it’s the same for everyone)
  • Not getting the offer in writing
  • Negotiating over email (it’s not open dialogue then)
  • Neglecting to negotiate beyond base pay
  • Not buying yourself enough time to counter
  • Trying to negotiate when you can’t articulate your value
  • Not being prepared with relevant information and getting yourself in a calm place
  • Continuing to talk once you’ve said your number
  • Making it personal
  • Not recognizing opportunities to negotiate
  • Thinking you are protecting your relationship by not negotiating
  • Focusing more on what they are giving you vs. what you’re giving them
  • Bringing it up at the wrong time (like during an annual review when you’re receiving constructive feedback)


Ask for More, Get More: The Art of Salary Negotiation Hand Out

This includes responses for “What are your salary expectations?”, how to counter, and what to do if you get a ‘no’!

Salary Negotiation Worksheet

This will help you create your ‘value statement’ and decide what benefits (beyond money) are most important to you.

Want even more salary negotiation advice? Check these articles out

A huge list of articles, videos, etc. on this valuable topic.

Stanford Center for Women’s Leadership – Negotiation Resources


PRO TIP: Not sure how much your job is worth?

  • Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth

Quick tips on negotiating consulting rates:

  • Research the field…what is the going rate? Hourly? Day rate?
  • Ask yourself…what is your hour worth to you?
  • OVER estimate the amount of time it will take (esp. at the beginning)
  • Be prepared with your options.
  • Negotiate the services (you can change your packaging!)
  • In your proposal, tell them what a typical rate is and what their rate is
  • “Special discount” – early savings!!
  • Avoid itemizing your time in a proposal, unless they request it.

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