Money Date Night podcast

Lindsey Lathrop, Coach

Back in March, I wrote a post about Embracing Beginner’s Mind and now nearly 4 months into 2019, it’s safe to say this theme continues to show up in my life almost every single day. I’m excited to share my most significant “beginner’s moment” for the year and that is launching a podcast! Let me go on the record by saying I knew nothing about podcasting last year. It’s been so.much.learning, but so worth it. It’s called Money Date Night and the goal is to help people (couples) have conversations about money.  

Listen to the first episode!

My husband Colin and I have both have an interest in personal finance and it’s been a regular topic of conversation in our relationship. We’ve come to realize how impactful having these conversations has been on what we’ve been able to make happen in our lives. Like riding out the rest of winter in a tiny house in Sarasota, FL.

That’s what the podcast is all about – showing couples what our money convos are like and giving tips on what has worked well for us with navigating these discussions. 

And let me be clear: you don’t have to be in a relationship to benefit from the podcast. The truth is, we each have an individual relationship to money and it’s well worth exploring. My advice if you’re flying solo: join up with an accountability friend to share in the learning.

I’m really excited to hear what you think! Listen now.

I’m here if you need a beginner’s mind buddy.



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