“Augusta jumps head first into her own life, looking for awareness, creating powerful, meaningful actions based on her personal transformation. Her integrity and knowledge in coaching come from much more than her training, it is her complete desire to live it herself. She is walking her talk so profoundly that I can’t imagine another coach who could be there with you so completely. She is deep, joyful, intelligent and so very open to life’s experience. Hire her, and life will never be surface level or small for you again.”

 – Deanna Stull, CVPCC, PCC CXO – CoachVille.com 

“Augusta is always willing to confidently jump into a challenge. Because of this, her enthusiasm for personal growth is inspiring!”


– Ani Anderson, Master Coach, Mentor, Business Speaker, Author – PracticalAlchemist.com 

  • I really enjoyed how Lindsey pushed me to revisit questions I had previously thought I’d made up my mind about. A lot of times when rethinking them from another perspective I had totally different thoughts. I also loved how energized I became about the process after each session rather than frustrated as I had when working solo. If anyone is having trouble getting started with the career transition on their own I’d highly recommend Lindsey to be your guide to kick start the process!

    Kim Career Coaching Client
  • Your positivity, encouragement, and warmth really shine through the phone. And, it is evident that this is work you care about and want to support clients in putting their best foot forward in life and career. I also really appreciated your prompt response and follow ups as well as flexibility.

    Jennifer Job Search Strategy Client
  • By the end of this year I'll have a website up and running for the first time since I began personal training 6 years ago. I'm moving to online scheduling which will make things easier for myself and my clients. With Lindsey's encouragement I've had professional photos taken for the website and promotional materials.

    Jen Founder, Iron Bunny Fitness
  • This has been an excellent experience so far. You've helped me do the one thing I couldn't do on my own: GET STARTED. Each week I have homework and I feel like I'm finally making progress. It feels amazing to be working ON my business instead of IN it.

    Jen Business Development Client
  • By working with Lindsey, I changed my career and she helped me solidify the intentions I have had for years to make my dream come true. Or at least seem real to me and help me continue down that path.

    Carolyn Career/Business Clarity Client
  • I knew I needed someone on my team during the early stages of my start up. I needed an outside voice to help me pull together the huge amount of work I had to do. Lindsey gave me structure and focus during a time that felt difficult to breakdown my workload into sizable portions. It's fun and energizing to talk to someone who is as excited about your company and mission as you are. That energy and momentum carried me through a difficult period in launching my business.

    Emily Founder, Mt. Glow Activewear
  • It would be hard to overstate the positive impact Lindsey's coaching and consult had on me both personally and professionally. Her engaged, active listening during our sessions led to helpful to-do's coming out of each session that consistently pushed me to grow and expand my understanding of self and the broader opportunities that surround me.

    Scott Career/Business Clarity Client
  • “I love it!! I read the draft this morning with a fresh cup of coffee, and my inner-self was jumping up and down and saying "Holy shit!  That's Me!!! That's MEEEEEEEEEEE!!...Such an amazing opportunity to read these over and to think 'would I ever have had the confidence on my own to talk about myself like that?'

    Tom Cover Letter and Resume Client
  • Buenos días, Jane! As you know, I have been accepted to the Residency Program, the first one in the country, and one of the most competitive. 😊 A thousand thank yous! I am so grateful that our paths crossed. You were a key facilitator to make this happen! ...I am always telling my friends to contact you if they need help with resumes, support, etc. Muchísimas gracias!

    Catherine Resume, Bio Client
  • Your efforts are to be the springboard for the rest of my true life...ONWARD!!! Thank you so much for all of your support, wisdom and just dang fun. Miss working with you and hope all is well... Stay in touch, please!

    Connie Resume Client

Meet with me for a free 25 minute exploratory session.

As a mother, wife, and daughter, I am passionate about personal growth and identifying, recognizing and guiding individual talents and strengths. My journey has been a lifelong one to become my most empowered and aligned self, of daily striving to live to my fullest potential and to confidently stand in my own truth.

In my role as a Clarity and Life Transformation Coach, I work with women to empower their connection with their authentic being in order to discover the self- love and self-confidence necessary to take positive steps towards living the life they seek.

My mission is to inspire and support you in your journey to become the person you want to become in order to achieve your goals, whether they be life goals, health goals or work-related goals. ​

For many years, I worked with women as a nutrition consultant in a behavioral weight modification program. That experience led me to realize that true behavior change takes much more than self-control and willpower. In order to enact lasting change and the achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we must go deep and uncover the limiting beliefs and perceptions about ourselves that are deep in our subconscious. These beliefs are what produce the fears that keep us from taking action and keep us playing small within our comfort zone. Once these beliefs are uncovered, we get to work understanding their role in keeping us safe and then replace them with new empowering beliefs that allow us to move forward into the life we desire and deserve.

As a former lightweight rower in California and more recently, a triathlon competitor here in Vermont, I have learned to relish time outside of my comfort zone. Sports and exercise have taught me that in order to enact growth and change, we must push ourselves beyond our familiar and safe comfort zones and work through the discomfort with actions that produce real change, real results and an increase in self confidence and self worth. This is when the good stuff happens! This is the place I want to help you get to, the place where you are standing tall in your own journey, free from the negative bonds you’ve placed on yourself, and gazing at yourself and your future with love, confidence and excitement.


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