Meet Lindsey.

Your sounding board and wake up call.

Lindsey is on a mission to help you jump into action, moving you towards the life you want to be living and the work you want to be doing.

You’ll want to work with Lindsey if you… 

– are still thinking about that business idea but haven’t acted on it

– don’t know how to translate your skills for a career change

– your relationship with money is holding you back

– need resume help (and don’t enjoy writing about yourself)

– are a perfectionist and it sabotages your success

– want to make more money (you can learn to negotiate your salary/rates, I promise)

Butt kicking (the good kind)
Story vs. reality checking
Sniffing out fear
Doing "happy" and "sad" math (you'll find out what this is)
Checking in and helping you stay accountable

"Lindsey is great at asking probing questions to get at the heart of what’s holding you back.”


Every day I get to play (go to work) as a Coach.

If you speak CliftonStrengths,™ my top 5 are: Activator, Discipline, Learner, Futuristic, and Relator. To translate: I’m always ready to go. I am the queen of follow-through. Learning=Life. I’m a planner. And I get you.

I co-founded the Business Peer Exchange.

I train people in the art of salary negotiation.

I have a podcast coming out called Money Date Night.

And I’m obsessed with puppy videos on Instagram. C’mon, I’m human.

Something very few people know about me is I was the first in my family to go to college. Growing up, I often felt alone. I know what it’s like to work hard. I’ve also experienced first-hand how powerful it is to enlist the support of coaches and mentors. That’s why I love getting to be that support for others.

I live in Vermont with my husband, Colin Ryan, and when I’m not playing with power tools, I’m planning our next travel adventure.

It’s time for action!

Each week I serve up encouragement, a coaching question, and actionable advice.

When you join, I’ll send you my favorite money guide – 5 Opportunities You’re Missing to Negotiate!

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“Lindsey gave me structure and focus during a time that felt difficult to break down my workload into sizable portions!”

“It’s fun and energizing to talk to someone who is as excited about your company and mission as you are!”

“Your positivity, encouragement, and warm really shine through the phone!”

You got yourself here! Seize the moment!

Lindsey’s Posts:

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What Lindsey’s clients are saying…

  • I really enjoyed how Lindsey pushed me to revisit questions I had previously thought I’d made up my mind about. A lot of times when rethinking them from another perspective I had totally different thoughts. I also loved how energized I became about the process after each session rather than frustrated as I had when working solo. If anyone is having trouble getting started with the career transition on their own I’d highly recommend Lindsey to be your guide to kick start the process!

    Kim Career Coaching Client
  • Your positivity, encouragement, and warmth really shine through the phone. And, it is evident that this is work you care about and want to support clients in putting their best foot forward in life and career. I also really appreciated your prompt response and follow ups as well as flexibility.

    Jennifer Job Search Strategy Client
  • By the end of this year I'll have a website up and running for the first time since I began personal training 6 years ago. I'm moving to online scheduling which will make things easier for myself and my clients. With Lindsey's encouragement I've had professional photos taken for the website and promotional materials.

    Jen Founder, Iron Bunny Fitness
  • This has been an excellent experience so far. You've helped me do the one thing I couldn't do on my own: GET STARTED. Each week I have homework and I feel like I'm finally making progress. It feels amazing to be working ON my business instead of IN it.

    Jen Business Development Client
  • By working with Lindsey, I changed my career and she helped me solidify the intentions I have had for years to make my dream come true. Or at least seem real to me and help me continue down that path.

    Carolyn Career/Business Clarity Client
  • I knew I needed someone on my team during the early stages of my start up. I needed an outside voice to help me pull together the huge amount of work I had to do. Lindsey gave me structure and focus during a time that felt difficult to breakdown my workload into sizable portions. It's fun and energizing to talk to someone who is as excited about your company and mission as you are. That energy and momentum carried me through a difficult period in launching my business.

    Emily Founder, Mt. Glow Activewear
  • It would be hard to overstate the positive impact Lindsey's coaching and consult had on me both personally and professionally. Her engaged, active listening during our sessions led to helpful to-do's coming out of each session that consistently pushed me to grow and expand my understanding of self and the broader opportunities that surround me.

    Scott Career/Business Clarity Client
  • "Thank you SO SO much for all of your help along the way, Lindsey. You seriously helped me more than you know. I really wouldn't have had the guts to make this huge change, and I would have gone yet another year not living my best life, in a job that I didn't love."

    Elizabeth Career Coaching Client

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