What is Virtual Coaching?

Virtual Coaching means you and your Coach will meet by phone (or in some cases, Zoom or Skype) for your coaching session.

6 reasons why Virtual Coaching can be better than meeting in-person:

    1. You’ll be less stressed. Remember the last time you tried to navigate traffic to get to an appointment on time? With Virtual Coaching, you can use those 10-15 minutes beforehand to meditate, do some journaling, get a snack, or whatever you need to do to ground yourself. No more showing up feeling frazzled! Not insignificantly, people tend to feel more comfortable in their own space, which often leads to better productivity and work-life balance.
    2. You’ll get the most out of your time. Coaching is a serious investment and you’ll want to get the most out of every minute. Virtual Coaching enables your Coach to jump right into the session with you and cuts out the time it takes to get settled into the space.
    3. You can get coached from anywhere! It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling or if you only have an hour to spare, you can still benefit from high-impact coaching. Worried about getting too comfortable or distracted by your location? We have suggestions for you.
    4. It only requires a phone. No fancy technology needed. Call your Coach at the designated time and you’re on your way!
    5. Better listening. Listening, the core skill of coaching, is enhanced when visual cues are absent. New research from Yale School of Management suggests that “our sense of hearing may be even stronger than our sight when it comes to accurately detecting emotions.” Our finely-tuned listening skills are able to pick up on the nuances and patterns in your voice. We listen for your energy, passion, discouragement, hesitation, happiness, and frustration to get to the heart of the issues.
    6. You’ll be learning in your everyday environment. During sessions, clients are often in an environment where they will be working on our action items and holding themselves accountable. Being in your own environment inspires pragmatic and detailed solutions for how you will work on your goals and you become skilled at helping yourself in your everyday life.

Making the Most of Virtual Coaching

Here are some tips on how our Clients can make the most out of their virtual coaching sessions.

Location matters. When deciding where to be during your coaching call, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the change I want to make require a place I feel comfortable? Or a place that is new and inspiring to me?
  • Where can I go that is private and free of distractions?

Location ideas: Go for a walk (movement inspires new ideas), your home office, a conference room at work, or in your favorite chair.

Use the 5-10 minutes before your call to ground yourself. The luxury of virtual coaching is that you don’t have to travel. Even if you have 5 minutes, use them to take a few deep breaths. Do a body scan to tune into how you’re feeling. You may even want to jot down some goals for the call.

Write your notes. If you’re easily distracted by being on your computer, think about writing them by hand instead.

Record your session. If you’re able to, use speaker phone and record the session to replay later.


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