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Performance Coaching and Leadership Development

The BEST things in life are often found on the other side of our own fears. As a Performance Coach, I have been called a “thought partner” and “a trusted advisor.” I find the BEST in early career executives and athletes looking to navigate the uncomfortable space of change as they pursue their next adventure – that could mean on the playing field, that could mean in the executive suite or in the boardroom.

As a Performance Coach, I help you engage not only your mind, but also your heart, creating sustainable improvement and growth for you and the organization you lead.

My specialties include:

Executive Leadership Coaching

Identifying Talent

Personal Performance

Career Strategy

Removing “the noise” / Decluttering

As a former Coach of elite athletes at the NCAA and Professional Level, I love working with athletes who are struggling with their mental game. Performance Coaching helps athletes and teams discover and learn about the attitude and mental skills that impact their performance. For many athletes, the support of a knowledgeable and experienced performance expert can make the key difference in their performance.

As many top Athletes would attest, as the pressure increases, the more essential these mental skills become. Performance Coaching helps athletes perform at their peak, putting the focus on the athlete as a human being, and supports them by clearing any mental, emotional or physical blocks that get in the way of their performing.

As Managing Partner of The Best Group, Global Recruiters of Missoula, I love working with early career executives who are looking to evolve into executive roles, emerging as leaders with confidence, certainty, and ultimately, success. These emerging leaders are considered high-potential, new to leadership role, or being groomed for a higher profile position – and –  are most likely suffering from imposter syndrome and are looking for support navigating these new responsibilities.

I help my clients achieve higher levels of sustainable performance in:

  • Strategic thinking, decision-making, and execution
  • Ability to lead change
  • Communication that gets results
  • Improved accountability
  • Self-Understanding
  • Organizational and Personal Insight

My Philosophy

We are all built with gifts and exceptional skills but often work solely on our weakness or get derailed from our center. Why not surround yourself with what you love and rethink the patterns that lead to success? I have had the good fortune to be married to my best friend, love what I do, and live where I want. This took an incredible amount of work and didn’t happen overnight. Many people have given me gifts as well as grief along the way and it was all part of a master plan of a very stubborn, small town Nebraska kid.

My focus is to help you find what you need to succeed in life – be it enthusiasm, hope, direction, and a little sweat on your palms, I will do my BEST to help you.

Miscellaneous things to know about me:

  • I sold all of my possessions to buy an engagement ring
  • I had Stephen Tyler ask me how the snorkeling was
  • I will drop money in almost every street musicians bucket
  • I will not walk away from the right fight
  • I only started to communicate well after commanding the part of Peter Pan’s -Nana in the school play
  • The Navy Seals that I know are regular guys
  • All In Means All In
  • A great Wheelie, Wave or Adirondack Chair may just be the best thing in the world
  • I have experienced incredible highs and dealt with the worst of tragedy

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