Are you working towards your ICF ACC or PCC accreditation?

Are you overwhelmed by the ICF Certification process? 

Do you know in your heart you need a Mentor Coach to become the best Coach you can be?

Is the ICF Accreditation process for you like walking through a forest with no clear path? It wasn’t intended to be, but I know the feeling of frustration.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) was created in 1995 to give support to Coaches and encourage the growth of the profession. Now it is one of the major Coaching associations with more than 20,000 members out of 47,500 Coaches around the world. They credential a select few to become ICF certified Coaches each year – is it your time this year?

Mentor Coaching is an important requirement of the ICF credentialing process and vital to your development and growth if seeking an ICF Credential. But is also a valuable journey for those who want to be more at ease and feel confident in how they appear in their work.

The ICF defines Mentor Coaching as providing professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of Coaching competency demanded by the desired credential level sought by a Coach‐applicant (mentee). Furthermore, Mentor Coaching means an applicant (mentee) being Coached on their Coaching skills rather than Coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s Coaching skill.

Having an experienced accredited Mentor Coach means you have a partner on your journey – a partner who offers you support, encouragement and guidance along the way. So you don’t feel like you are stuck in a forest with no clear path…

Mentor Coaching is like having someone help you cut a path through a dense forest. They can act as a beacon. A flashlight. Or perhaps a lighthouse.

Mentor Coaching is an excellent way to:

► Review and strengthen your Coaching skills.
► Get support to plan and promote your Coaching business.
► Build confidence.
► Set goals.
► Overcome blocks to growing your Coaching business.
► Work on your own personal and professional development.
► Work towards professional accreditation.
► Experience the benefits of Coaching for yourself.
► Work with an experienced Coach who offers you guidance and support.
► Deepen your learning.
► Find the right Coach training course for you.
► Confidentially share client issues.
► Fulfillment of the 10-hour mentor-Coaching requirement with a qualified PCC level Coach.

How does ICF Mentor Coaching work?

​My name is Amy Magyar and I am a Certified ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

I understand the key competency distinctions between the ICF ACC and PCC credentials. I can help you display these competencies in your Coaching as if second nature, while retaining your authentic Coaching style, through the following steps:

We will start with a review of your Coaching journey so far and where you are now. We’ll also explore your aspirations as a Coach and how you imagine yourself as the best version of you, as a Coach.

I’ll then review your actual Coaching, either through listening in to a live Coaching session or recordings. That will allow me to identify where you’re already Coaching to the standard and ICF accreditation you’re aiming for – and where there’s potential for growth

We’ll work through any challenges you’re experiencing in breaking through to the next level. We’ll also celebrate successes along the way. I will review further sessions at any time, to get a real sense of how you’re developing, until you’re ready to take your ICF accreditation.

We will work together over time in a cycle (minimum of 3 months required by the ICF) that allows for listening and feedback on my part, and reflection and practice on yours. I will help you gain value from my insights, be inspired and go beyond your limits to become a better Coach.

Based on the information I gather from the complimentary exploratory session we will have together, I will design a customized course of study, practice, and mentoring which is delivered in a one-to-one environment specific to you. The ICF does allow you to be coached in a group-mentoring environment (7 out of your 10 total hours) but I truly believe that individual attention helps Coaches flourish in the accreditation process. We will hear other Coaches coach so you have some reference for other people’s styles, challenge, etc., but I want to provide you 100% focus…it is your investment, so I figure it makes sense to focus on YOU.

What’s the format like?

Mentor Coaching is customized to the particular interests and needs of YOU, the participant. The learning process is highly collaborative. I’ll meet one-on-one with you to determine your interests and concerns and to assess your current level of performance. We will address the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics to prepare you for PCC or ACC accreditation. But there will be so much more learning about who you are as a Coach, your style and your focus.

This program can be delivered in person (if you are here in Vermont) and/or by phone. The ICF requires 10 hours of real-time Mentor Coaching for Coach certification. You are strongly urged to co-create the best learning environment so you will gain the most value from this experience. Your sessions typically involve contemplative and mindfulness activities, review of your live Coach recordings, demonstrations, role-playing, observation, and feedback.

The mentoring is completely focused on increasing your ability to demonstrate the Coaching competencies – whether in a “live” exam or on a recorded session.

Mentoring with Supervision includes:
► A pre-program call (45 minutes) to discuss your focus for the mentoring program and learning needs.
► Demystifying the Coaching Competencies set out by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
► Review of the Code of Ethics.
► Self-Assessments of the competencies.
► Identification of your strengths, and blind spots as a Coach.
► Specific action steps to hone and refine your core Coaching competencies.
► In-depth work to increase confidence in your Coaching skills according to the ICF core competencies.
► Listen together to recordings of Coaching sessions that you have with your clients who have given you permission to record for this purpose.
► Review of live or recorded Coaching sessions with written feedback.
► Creating a challenging, yet safe partnership so that you can grow as a professional Coach.
► Specifically addressing your ability to meet the expertise required for a particular level of credentialing.
► A letter of support, based on your successful demonstration of the 11 core competencies, and completion of the 10 hours of the Mentor Coaching group program.
► A bonus 1-hour session will provide an opportunity to go through the application process, choose your recorded Coaching session(s) to submit and get any final questions answered.

Additional assignments outside of our time together will be determined by after each session. They will be designed to reinforce our session and the lessons learned during that time.

What else?

I will work with you to help you understand the ICF Code of Ethics and apply it to your specific Coaching practice as well as increase your Coaching skills, including:

► Connecting to your own authentic Coaching presence.
► Understanding who your Coaching clients are and tailoring your Coaching style to their needs.
► Designing effective Coaching relationship with your clients.
► Building your toolbox of Coaching approaches so that you can be a flexible and resourceful Coach.
► Collecting and using deep questions that resonate with you and your clients.
► Fostering deep listening.
► Connecting to your intuition.
► Communicating your intuition with your clients without sounding too “woo-woo” or “airy-fairy”.
► Helping your clients shift their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.
► Not being fearful to be direct with your clients and hold up the mirror so they can truly see their hidden selves.
► Learning how to help your clients design actions that tie to their learning style, personality type, and personal preferences.
► Creating a treasure trove of action examples and types.
► Helping your clients build and maintain positive habits.
► Helping your clients hold themselves accountable without becoming a broken record or a pest.
► Helping your clients create life and /or business vision(s), mission(s), and goals.

Fiscal Investment

ACC & PCC  Mentor Coaching 
10 hours @ $250/hour = $2,500 (plus 1 bonus session)*
* Payment Plans are available.  

Importance of Credentialing for Coaches

As the Coaching industry becomes more competitive, 2012 ICF Global Survey reveals 84% of Coaching purchasers hire ICF Credentialed Coaches. ICF Global Consumer Awareness Survey also revealed credentialed Coaches reported a higher than average income compared to non credentialed Coaches, experienced increased client satisfaction and received more recommendations. Holding a credential as a Coach also signifies your dedication and commitment to the provision of ethical and professional standards in your Coaching services.

An International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed Coach is recognized for having completed rigorous Coach training education and experience requirements, having demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in Coaching. A credentialed Coach has fulfilled specific Coach training and achieved a designated number of experience hours. A credentialed Coach has also worked with a Mentor Coach for a minimum of 10 hours.

There are three types of credentials a Coach can apply for:

ACC – Associate Certified Coach (Holds a minimum of 100 client Coaching hours)
PCC – Professional Certified Coach (Holds a minimum of 750 client Coaching hours)
MCC – Master Certified Coach (Holds a minimum of 2500 client Coaching hours) 

Who Am I?

My name is Amy Magyar and I am passionate about my work – fully believing in the trans-formative power of Coaching. I have run my Coaching business for ten years, am a graduate of the Coachville school of Coaching and have been awarded the International Coach Federation’s Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation. Always a “learner” I am also a Master’s Candidate focused on studying human behavior, habit creation and change management at the University of Vermont.

As your Mentor Coach I am eager to share my own experience of working with a diverse client base and over 3,000 hours of Coaching. But that experience didn’t happen overnight.

Becoming an ICF Professional Certified Coach was a rich and rewarding experience. It was also highly challenging, as it took me many hours, days and weeks of training. There were times I thought I’d never get my certification. But I did…and the sense of satisfaction and achievement was wonderful. In fact, it kicks ass to look back and see what I have accomplished!

One of the best decisions I made on my journey was to hire a Mentor Coach even though at the time, the ICF did not require I do so. My Mentor helped me enrich my understanding of ICF competencies at PCC level and bring them alive in an authentic way. And she helped me get “out of my own way” when it came to my own personal style of Coaching. I owe her so much…This personal experience taught me how invaluable it is to receive professional support and understanding.

Coaches who engage me as their Mentor Coach self-report greater success in:

► Contracting successful Coaching relationships with their Clients.
► Supporting their clients in achieving their goals.
► Increasing the speed at which their clients attain their Coaching Goals.
► Being present with their clients and building trust.
► Matching their communication style to their clients’ communication style.
► Matching the Coaching style to the client’s needs and utilizing a greater variety of Coaching modalities.
► Gaining a more thorough understanding of the ICF Core competencies and how to utilize them in their Coaching practice.
► Identifying their unique strengths and talents as a Coach.
► Choosing the appropriate recordings to send in with their credentialing application.

The biggest “a-ha moment” I had through my Coach training was that if I am not going to leave room for mistakes I will not be able to stretch myself as a Coach and grow (gulp). To become the Coach I wanted to be, I had to allow myself to do mistakes (gasp); I had to leave room to try things again and again until it feels right (ugh); I needed to play with different tools and see what’s working and what’s not working, I needed to feel courageous enough to bring to my mentor sessions the worst mistakes I made or issues I was having (double gasp).

Listening to the worst coaching recording sessions I have had with my clients and embracing the feedback I received with open hands was an important step to my growth as a Coach (and as a human!). When I opened the room to experience, play and stumble that’s when I was able to grow. I learned my strengths as a Coach and where I need to put my attention to expand myself as a Coach. The openness and permission to make mistakes allowed me to find my voice as a Coach, and as weird as it sounds I wasn’t exhausted and frustrated any more. And my job as your Mentor Coach is to take out the exhaustion and frustration as you move through the Credentialing phase of your career. I’ll give you the encourage to make mistakes and learn from them. We will make all new mistakes and keep the old ones to a minimum. You’ll learn, we’ll laugh and you WILL progress your skills as a Coach.



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