Coaching a Coach’s business is like watching a seedling grow on the side of a rocky mountain.

It has a 50-50 chance of making it.

If you’re serious about getting your business going (or keep it going) and actually make a LIVING doing it, there are some key, foundational things that need to happen.

When I work with Coaches, these topics usually come up:

► Coach fatigue and sustainability
► Ethical dilemmas
► Exploration of the personal life impacting the professional life
► A need for a place to try out new ideas and skills

As a seasoned Coach, I can help guide you through the fascinating and enjoyable journey of building your practice, making certain that your individual Coaching style is honored and respected. And that the real YOU comes through in your Coaching…not someone else.

As your Mentor Coach I will work with you to identify your key strengths as a Coach and work on the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. You will feel grounded and confident with your Coaching practice and business.

Just as I customize Coaching tools for clients, I create mentoring programs that meet the individual needs of the individual Coach. I customize the cadence, the session content, the fee structure and the intensity. I am not a cookie cutter Coach…one size does not fit all (even a size 12 pair of skinny jeans doesn’t fit all body types…trust me.)

​Typically, I work with Coaches on five, very important things:

► Narrowing down your “niche” or target market and getting clear on what exactly it is that you do for clients. 
WHO are the people you help? If you’re creating a Coaching business, you need to hone in on your people to be able to speak their language to be able to attract and market to them. Also, what is the thing your clients NEED you for? I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. You sell life Coaching? Not enough. I’ll help you figure out the WHAT, the WHO and HOW to articulate what you do, but most importantly, remind you of your WHY.

► Getting those clients! 
What? You say you have no clients? Trust me, you’re not the only new-ish life Coach that has this problem. Luckily, I have tools to help you get them. And I can help you retain your clients and make them an incredible referral network.

► Kicking your limiting beliefs and thoughts out the door. 
Those limiting thoughts are keeping you playing small. They are paralyzing and debilitating. Time to say bye-bye and create new thoughts that inspire, encourage and help you play a bigger game than the one you are playing.

► “Show me the money.”
You have a relationship with money. It is either going to get in our way or help you succeed. Let’s look at it and make sure that we don’t let it get in the way of your value and Coaching practice. (A relationship with money doesn’t mean you have to be rich to have a good relationship. I know some f-ed up folks who are trust fund kids who have the most f-ed up relationship with money. By relationship I mean how do you feel about money, how do you treat it, do you deserve it, etc.) We will figure that out so we can talk about money and help you EARN IT!

 Practice setup. 
Determining Financial and Marketing processes, creating forms, a Welcome Package, a Business Card, a Verbal Business Card, a Website, and a LinkedIn Profile.

Got that stuff figured out?

The above list is common, but if this isn’t your first rodeo, we can also work on:

► Your website. Your “about me” and services page are the two most clicked on and important pages on your site. What you say on there matters to your business. A lot. More than you know.

► How the hell to market. Not many of us went to the school of “selling.” Don’t worry, it’s not sleazy, I’ll show you how.

► Building upon on what’s working. Build a Coaching business that truly reflects your values, strengths and talents. And kick the weaknesses to the curb.

► Hugging technology. I am going to show you how technology can help build your Coaching practice without you blowing up your computer.

► Goal setting/goal getting. Let’s create a structure to help you reach your goals faster. We will set them AND get them.

► Master minding. I’m here to help you brainstorm solutions to difficult problems. No problem is too scary for me. And no problem without a solution.

► Learning Labs. Assistance with workshop design.

► Client related issues. General design of strategies for handling client-related issues (cancellations, slow paying clients, clients who don’t complete assignments, clients that trigger the Coach’s own issues).

Practice, practice, practice. Practice Coaching with me as a mock client in preparation for certification or to practice skills for handling a challenging client situation.

Suggested Sessions

Here is the cadence I suggest to my Coaches, both new and seasoned ones. I am VERY open to suggestions on which to talk about first based on your needs, which ones we can skip (probably less than you think we should) and new topics you have burning in your brain. Here is what I suggest:

Session 1: Establishing A Profitable Niche
The first session jumps right into understand and establishing a specific niche for you to practice in. If you try to appeal to everybody, you end up appealing to nobody. And if you already have a niche, let’s look at it and strengthen it. This is one of the fastest ways to stand out as a Coach and make you competitive. 

Session 3:  Setting Up for Success
Most Coaches start off their practice without having the fundamentals in place and having a real understanding of what they need to succeed.

Session 3:  “Show me the money” 
You have a relationship with money. It is either going to get in our way or help you succeed. Let’s look at it and make sure that we don’t let it get in the way of your value and Coaching practice. 

Session 4: Converting Clients
Sales is a dirty word, but that’s because you haven’t gone through our reframing session yet. Seriously sales can be fun and profitable at the same time. We’ll show you what type of language and images to use on your website and social media accounts so you draw them in instead of pushing them away.

Session 5: Importance of Branding
I’ve had clients say they don’t need to worry about their brand. This scares me because branding is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room. Your brand stems from your core values. The closer your vision of the company is to your brand the easier it will be to trust you and buy from you.

Session 6: Impressing Your Clients
Getting a client to hire you isn’t easy, but once you do, you want to make an amazing first impression so they want to continue working with you for as long as you can help them.

We will take a look at how to bring a client onboard and look like a professional Coach. 

Session 7: Leveraging Core Values
Since setting up my own practice, the most valuable technique I’ve developed is assessing the core values of a client. When used correctly, it provides you with a clear image of your client and what’s important to them. I’ve never seen this applied directly as I use it and it is a key to why my clients see far greater impact than many other Coaching clients. 

Session 8:  Questioning Techniques
The questions you use with a client have a huge impact on the success of your Coaching sessions. Can you challenge your client without risking breaking rapport? Can you find out what’s really going on behind-the-scenes in their life? The questioning process is as delicate as it is powerful.

Session 9: The Power Of Language
It’s not just the language you use that can affect the outcome of a Coaching session. We’ve also learned to pay particularly close attention to the language of the client. In this session, you’ll learn to ‘read between the lines’ of what your client is saying. 

Session 10: Advanced Coaching Skills
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In short, NLP can help people overcome, manage, and handle their behavior patterns. When used correctly, it can have a powerful effect sometimes in just a matter of minutes! By the end you’ll have a number of powerful tools that can help you and understand HOW and WHY they work so you can replicate it with your own clients. 

Session 11: Growing Your Client Base
What is a client base? People who believe in you and trust that you will deliver are the type of people you want in your base.
When you write something they are there to share it. When you create an event they are there to attend. When you do great work they appreciate your efforts. They are fans of you and your work. If you can get 1,000 true fans to support your Coaching practice from Coaching sessions, to books, to paid events, spending $100 each year in your business then you will essentially earn $100,000 per year.  Building your tribe is fun, but not easy if you don’t know what you are doing. We’ll teach you how to build and grow your tribe to help you expand your business. 

Session 12: Websites That Work
When it comes to your marketing success, your website is your shop window. Ten years ago having a website was enough to make you look professional. Now a bad website is almost worse than no website at all. I have spent years developing successful websites that convert. I know a little bit about how you can replicate that success.

Session 13: Building A Social Media Strategy
Social media can either be a giant time suck or a valuable source of leads and exposure for your business. We’ll focus on the latter. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different social media platforms and learning which activities work to bring in clients is paramount when you are just starting out. We will be working collaboratively with Megan Flanagan of 609 Media – a media goddess who will show you what is going to work for you and what to stay away from.

Session 14: Expanding Your Income
Every Coach will come up against an income wall at some point. You may earn $250 an hour Coaching someone, but there are only so many hours in a day. You need to learn how to expand your business that allows you to reach more people, make you happier, and earn more money. That’s why you must understand how to create various revenue streams that stop you from trading your time for money. 

Who Am I?

I am passionate about my work and fully believe in the transformative power of Coaching. I have been coaching for 15 years and have run my coaching business full time for 8 years, am a graduate of Coachville and have been awarded the International Coach Federation’s Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation. Always a “learner” I am also a Master’s Candidate focused on studying human behavior, habit creation and change management at the University of Vermont.

As your Mentor Coach I am eager to share my experience of working with a diverse client base and over 3,000 hours of Coaching. I am happy to share with you my business success tips and ideas, Coaching skills, resources and contacts. I strongly believe that finding a balanced life makes you attractive to prospective clients and is an essential part of the process of being a successful and fulfilled Coach.

I enjoy mentoring new and experienced Coaches, people considering entering the profession and Coaches who are following the path to professional accreditation.

Coaches who engage me as their Mentor Coach self-report greater success in:
► Contracting successful Coaching relationships with their Clients.
► Supporting their clients in achieving their goals.
► Increasing the speed at which their clients attain their Coaching Goals.
► Being present with their clients and building trust.
► Matching their communication style to their clients’ communication style.
► Matching the Coaching style to the client’s needs and utilizing a greater variety of Coaching modalities.

And as a dedicated “Individualizer,” I’m open to other possibilities to create a mentoring program tailored to your individual needs and goals as a Coach.

Our sessions will include but are not limited to the nuts and bolts of starting and building your Coaching practice as well as practical consultation work to make the job as smooth, easy, fun and quick as possible. Also offering you sessions for the purpose of refining your Coaching skills so that you will build your skill set and hence your confidence as a Coach. You can decide what best suits your needs and I am available for you to tap my experience. I will show up every session with no agenda or judgment to listen and guide you through your own journey at your pace.

For more information or to set up a 25-minute complimentary session, please use our online scheduler below. I am available via phone or in person if you are based in Vermont.

Can’t wait to meet you!


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