Should I become a Coach?

Does trying to figure out if you should become a Coach feel like you are on a twisted road with tons of turns and you are unclear of how even to start?

Well, if you are intrigued by the idea of coaching, that’s a great place to start. You likely have some natural aptitudes that draw you toward coaching including the curiosity that is popping up when you think about coaching. Because staying curious is the key to coaching. So you are already off on the right foot!

The most important job I have as a Coach is to be a sounding board to folks who consider Coaching as either a full time profession or a part-time side-hustle. I can help you straighten out the Coaching road and help you navigate all of the twists and turns.

I’ve created a FREE download to help you decide whether or not to become a Coach.

YES, after researching I realize I want to be a Coach!

So after doing the research I suggested in the free download (yup! it’s all in there!), you have made the decision that you would like Coaching to be a part of your future.

I would be happy to offer you a complimentary 45-minute session to talk about your findings, your next steps, your fears, etc. (Complimentary means free! Free? Yup! That is my way to give back to emerging Coaches…I am happy to share my time with you.)

If you decide that you enjoyed our conversation and would like to hire me to help you continue down the path of Coaching, we can discuss your needs and determine the fee structure that works best for you as well as the cadence of Coaching you may need. But I am getting ahead of myself…let’s talk first and see if we might be a good fit for one another. No matter what, take me up on my offer to chat on my dime about Coaching!

What to Expect with "Coaching for Coaches"

Coaching is a challenging, but extremely rewarding career path. The world needs lots more great Coaches. I venture to guess that you wouldn’t be reading this unless it was least a potential direction for you.

My Coaching sessions are customized to the particular interests and needs of YOU, the participant. The learning and exploratory process is highly collaborative. I’ll meet one-on-one with you to determine your interests and concerns.

The clarity sessions can be delivered in person (if you are here in Vermont) and/or by phone. The ICF requires 10 hours of real-time Mentor Coaching for Coach certification. You are strongly urged to co-create the best learning environment so you will gain the most value from this experience.

Your Coaching sessions typically involve contemplative and mindfulness activities, observation, and feedback.

In our time together, we can cover the following questions:

► What attracts you to Coaching?
► Why do you want to become a Coach?
► Is Coaching right for you as a full time profession or part time?
► What is required to become a Coach?
► Is training/certification right for you?
► What does it take to become a GREAT Coach?
► Do you have the energy to listen to people’s problems, day after day?
► Do you demonstrate the characteristics/strengths to become a successful Coach?
► Does it matter where you live?
► Will you need to give up your existing job to do the training if you decide going to school to get certified makes sense to me?
► How do you market yourself as a Coach?
► What kind of Coach can I be? (Health, Life, Business, Change, Career, etc. to just name a few.)
► Can I earn a decent living from becoming a Coach?
► How do I start my business/get clients?

Or anything else that pops up during our time together.


What is the cost? Don’t worry about the cost, let’s talk first and decide what you need and then I can create a program and fee structure specific to your needs. I don’t cookie cutter my clients – what you need might be different than someone else so I would rather be able to flex to fit your needs (and your wallets) and discuss. 


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