Interested in becoming a Coach? Amy can help.

Hi. My name is Amy Magyar and I’m tired of watching new Coaches struggle.

And I am tired of watching people dance around the question “should I even become a Coach or should I not” when they know that they do want to become a Coach, but fear is getting in the way. For those of us who mentor Coaches, the most important job we have is to be a sounding board to folks who consider Coaching as either a full-time profession or a part-time side hustle.

Below are all the ways I can work with you.

Becoming a Coach

Interested in becoming a Coach but have a million questions? I’ve been there and I can help. Not sure if it’s Coaching you want to pursue? Or what kind of Coach you want to be? Or whether certification is right for you? I got you covered.

ICF Accreditation Mentor Coaching

Working towards your ICF ACC or PCC accreditation and overwhelmed by the IFC Certification process? Looking for a Mentor Coach to become the best Coach you can be? Let’s talk!

Coaching Practice Development

Interested in growing your Coaching practice (or at least figuring out how to get out of your own way?) If you’re serious about getting your business going (or keep it going) and actually make a LIVING as a Coach, there are some key, foundational things that need to happen.

Next Steps:

I offer a 25-minute complimentary coaching exploratory session to talk about your needs, the financial investment, our style and how this whole thing works in detail (may be the best money you have never spent!).

Looking forward to meeting you virtually or in person!

Check out the steps to help you determine whether or not becoming a Coach is for you.

Books on Coaching That Continue to Inspire Me…


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