The Invitation of Fear

Augusta Good-Krahl

Fear is a universal emotional response to a perceived threat. Our ancestors passed down to us the instinctual type of fear that protects us from danger and plays an important role in self-preservation. Core fears, however, are the deep-rooted fears that live in our subconscious and are the result of childhood conditioning or trauma. These fears are the inner voices and thoughts of “I am not good enough”, “I don’t deserve” or “I am not loveable.” They often appear when we are faced with a choice of trying a new activity, like joining a group, speaking in public, or even speaking up for ourselves. They swirl madly in our minds and reach deep inside of us to encircle and clench our throats, chest, and gut and warn us with “You might fail,” “You might look stupid” or “You might say the wrong thing.” The result is that we stay quiet and small, and constrained.

We are automatically triggered by the unpleasant thoughts and feelings these fears produce and our pattern of reactions to these dictate how we live our lives. Many of us will cope with these unpleasant feelings by avoiding situations, numbing with food, alcohol, or technology. We exist on “autopilot” and are held back from living fully, from loving freely, and from living to our fullest potential.

What if instead of automatically pulling back or reacting with old patterns when these fears emerge, you instead leaned in a bit and saw these fears as an invitation to make a different choice?

What if you were able to sit with the uncomfortable feelings they produce and get curious about where they came from and about how they are keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams?

What would you step into and what would you do if you weren’t held back by these core fears?

Who would you be? What actions would you take? What would you achieve?

As a Clarity and Life Transformation Coach, I help clients become aware of and understand the origin and meaning of their limiting core fears so that they can break free from living a life in reaction to them. Once free, they are able to live a life directed by intention and full of peace, joy, and created success.

What would you do if you were free?


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