What’s in Your Birdbox?

Amy Magyar, Coach

Have you watched it? Or did the trailer scare you? With me it was the latter. It scared the living daylights out of me and I was about to never come back. But I came back and dared to watch it. Once I got used to the tone of voice and the images, I tried to enjoy it. You guessed it right, I am referring to Birdbox the movie with Sandra Bullock. She did a great job. Her lead role here was like hers in The Blind Side. In both films she takes care of others and does it very well.

I was fascinated to see how she used the birds in her birdbox to notify her that danger was coming or that she was in the middle of it. At the same time people had to close their eyes otherwise they would become victims of a force or notable enemy.

In Birdbox, I saw analogies with my work as a career coach. When clients come to me for career coaching, eight out of ten times it is because they are blindfolded or do not rely on their warning system. They are not able to see, or only vaguely see, that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Life throws things at them which might be hard to digest or overcome. They do not recognize their own talents, or do not feel appreciated for them.

Being blindfolded does not help you see what is out there and so it is nice to have a sounding board like me to help you get a clear vision on your talents, strengths and how to apply them wisely and effectively in your life and career. The upside to being blindfolded is that you are forced to concentrate on your other senses: hearing, touch, smell and taste. Although it is not a sense, I like to add intuition or gut feeling to this list.

Your gut feeling or intuition in my opinion would be your Birdbox. More and more I have learned to rely on my intuition in life and in general. It will tell me whether I like the situation I am in or whether I would be able to work well with a prospective coachee. My birdbox is filled with intuition that helps me in daily life and with the choices I make. My question for you would be: What is in your Birdbox? This box is a toolbox containing all kinds of tools that make you aware of situations, people, and most importantly, Yourself.

Are you blindfolded in your career? Do you know what is in your Birdbox? Would you like to figure out these things? There is an abundance of help out there. If liked what you read so far, please reach out to me or my colleagues at FromWithin Coaching.

~ L.J. Nieulant

Photo by Kirill Balobanov on Unsplash


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