Fear: you are never too old to face it….

LJ Nieulant

Fear can show itself in different forms and in different situations in life.

At this moment in life I am a father of 3 children in the age range 8-11 years old. They go to school, do all kinds of activities after school and a lot of sports.

No, not me, must be my stunt double.

The moment I became a parent I was reintroduced to fear. During the time  my children growing up there were and are situations that have me feared something bad might happen. It started with their first steps, fearing that they might bump into the corner of a table. Then they started riding a bike and after getting the training wheels off there was the fear of them falling of the bike on the pavement. Currently the oldest and the middle one are totally into mountain biking and the things they do is amazing. I experienced this during biking with them on trails. I feared falling and then it happened once taking a corner. It made me aware of two things. Firstly, sometimes it is better for my mental health when I am not aware of what my kids are doing outside. Out of sight, out of mind.

Secondly, I did something completely new to me and after some time into mountain biking, I loved it, being outdoors and spending quality time with my children. I went from fear to joy in half an hour. ‘Just do it’ proved itself for me again. Going through your fear might be tough and may take a while and the reward is magnificent.

Besides being a father and having other roles in life I know fear as a (career) coach as well. In this case it shows itself as the fear of not getting the results  client would like to get immediately, the fear of not getting the next client or the fear of talking too much instead of listening. Like the situation mentioned above I might face fear before I step into a coaching session and then coaching and going with the flow gets me to the other side. The side where I ask my client for feedback on our session and I hear things that did not come up in my picture of fear. Again, ‘Just do it’ is so right.

Need help to ‘Just do it?’ Please consider setting up a 25-minute exploratory session with me.

Let’s practice it together,

-Coach LJ


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