Coaching is one of the most powerful tools to propel your professional development goals.

As Coaches, we have supported hundreds of employees on issues that concern them while in their current job. Their difficulties range from getting along with their boss, to feeling under challenged and under appreciated, to struggling with the political environment within their company. Often times searching for a new position outside the organization isn’t an option, yet dissatisfaction with their current job prevails.

In these circumstances, it’s often helpful for an employee to turn to an outside, objective Coach who can act as sounding board and confidante for issues that can’t be discussed with anyone internally. For those of you who are facing work challenges that may be seriously impacting your job satisfaction and performance, we are available to provide feedback and coaching to help you achieve a more productive, satisfying work life.

We use personal coaching, professional development, and strengths-based strategies to generate exceptional results in life and work for our clients. We enable people and organizations to move forward quickly and successfully in the direction of their dreams.

Does your team need development? We offer group coaching for work teams or individuals with a common interest to motivate and learn from each other in a safe and yet challenging environment.

Some of the many issues that we regularly coach on include:

– Gaining new tools for achieving results and accelerating your development.

– Expanding your talents and learn new skills to apply on the job in real time.

– Understanding and working within highly political situations.

– Learning to lead through listening.

– Transitioning quickly and effectively into a new management role.

– Learning to respond vs. react to people, issues and challenges.

– Accelerating the strength of working relationships with peers, subordinates and customers.

– Crafting a well-written self-appraisal for an upcoming performance review.

– Successfully and effectively managing negative performance feedback.

– Stepping back from technical details and seeing the “big picture” (visionary leadership).

– Motivating and inspiring a team.

– Aligning a team so that they can identify the real issues of a challenge, supporting them in moving through the issues (problem solving).

– Developing a mutual win-win agreement with staff when conflict arises, building trust between all involved in the conflict ultimately leading to fewer conflicts moving forward.

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