You don’t have to suffer through a painful job search. It can be different.

Do you feel stuck in your job search? Not sure what to do next? Do you want to shorten your search and save time, money and (most importantly) your sanity?

An ad-hoc job search can be like a minefield fraught with potential problems, lacking order and reason, creating obstacles that inhibit your ability to secure your next gig. A job search isn’t about waiting for a job to land in your lap nor is it simply the act of reviewing and applying to posted positions on the Internet.

As your Career Campaign Directors, we will coach you through an effective modern-day job search. We offer a variety of coaching packages, with something for everyone. Whether you just need a quick jump-start or prefer to have a partner every step of the way, you deserve the very best information and advice.

Traditional job search methods just don’t work anymore. 80% of all jobs are secured through “non-traditional” means. We will teach you what “non-traditional” means!

Take advantage of coaching to untie the knots. We will talk about your work, your job search, and what seems to be making you feel stuck or stalled. We will listen and ask pertinent questions that will help you identify what exactly is getting in your way. You’ll get ideas and encouragement and learn from great examples. Then, we’ll talk strategy. This process will revitalize and condense your job search, create an employer-targeted action plan, and  expand your reach by tapping into a network of potential career influencers.

In most cases, if you decide to work with us, we will meet for several sessions either in person and/or on the phone. Our style is to work with a sense of urgency. You won’t stay still: you’ll have concrete assignments and due dates. Every single activity is custom-designed to help you land that new job. Sooner.

The Result: In a few sessions, you will learn a lot about yourself in ways you hadn’t before, and about your value in the job marketplace. You may decide on a complete change, you may decide on a slight shift, or you may even decide that what you’re doing is exactly where you should be. Your job search will be shorter and more effective; you’ll meet your goals and exude real confidence.

Fun fact: Coaching services are tax-deductible!


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