An interview is a terrible thing to waste…

Most people believe they are good at interviewing. The truth is, we have seen too many candidates who were perfectly qualified for a position miss the opportunity of a lifetime because they weren’t properly prepared.


Why take the risk? Wouldn’t you rather walk into an interview fully prepared to professionally sell your talents and expertise and confident in your ability to demonstrate that you are the most qualified candidate to best meet the company’s needs?

We ensure each Client is equipped with well-honed interviewing skills, and a strategic, personalized plan for successfully managing any interview format. You’ll learn how to quickly and clearly articulate your unique value so you walk into any interview session with poise and confidence, knowing you can handle whatever comes your way. Nail questions like “So, tell me about yourself” or “What are your strengths/weaknesses” with confidence.

During our interview coaching sessions, we will help you exude confidence in an interview and successfully sell your strengths and qualifications. You will learn how to prepare for every type of interview, develop personal success stories so you are prepared to convey how your experience will help that organization achieve its objectives, design the best questions to ask the interviewer, and conclude the interview leaving a positive impression.

“Winging it” in a job interview is not an option.

Interview Coaching can teach you:

– How to make a confident a professional first impression.

– How to communicate efficiently and effectively.

– How to capitalize on your key strengths, passions and leverageable experience in an interview 

– What to say and do and what not to say and do.

– How to handle tough interview questions.

– How and when to discuss salary.

– Relaxation tips and technique and practice them.

– How to navigate through the telephone, panel and behavioral types of interviews.

– Create and practice your unique positioning statement for your job interviews so that you can distinguish yourself when it counts and keep the “self trash talk” out of the interviews.

– Understand your behavioral style and how to stretch your capability to connect with a wide range of 

The Process:

We suggest a least 3 coaching sessions for our interview coaching clients, which will include prep, practice and analysis.

We can spend the first coaching session learning the “tricks” of interviews (the magic of 3, being more interested than interesting, work on interview stories to demonstrate your strengths, etc.) so you have a better understanding about what makes a good interview, truly good. You will be given homework after this first session to ensure what you learned “sets in.”

We can then spend the second session on brainstorming together how to approach difficult questions and tricky topics. You will be coached specific to your career, industry and the job you are aiming for. You will be given homework after this second session so that you can practice the techniques on your own and strengthen your stories and examples.

The third session can be devoted to additional practice questions and strengthen what was learned in the first two sessions.


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