This is your opportunity to make a significant career change in your life.

If you landed on this page, it is clear that you are extremely aware that the next decision you make about your career (and life) is an important one…and one that you chose to not make alone.

​You may be disenchanted with your current career. You may have climbed the ladder to success only to find out the ladder is against the wrong career (or it is the right career but success wasn’t what you thought it would be). You might be on a quest to find greater meaning and fulfillment in your work. Or it’s just time to figure out who you want to be when you “grow up” and bring your gifts to life.

It’s time to bring your gifts to life.

For some, it is a fairly easy process and for others it can be painful on every level. We get it; you don’t want to make the “wrong” decision or the one that you will regret a minute after making it. That is where we come in. We can get you “unstuck,” clear, focused, and moving forward. We can help remove the “buts,” the “shoulds” and the doubt that may have kept you stuck and unhappy with your career path. ​

This package is perfect for someone who knows (or is pretty sure) they want change, but they don’t know the first step to take or can’t get there by themselves. We will get into the deep stuff.

This coaching is NOT for you if you are looking at a quick fix system to find that dream job without putting hard work and effort into getting it. In other words, this is not a magic system that you plug in and then out comes your dream job. And if you think we are going to drag you up the hill without you doing any work, then this is not the program for you.

Fun fact: Coaching services are tax-deductible!


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