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You will know the truth by the way it feels.

As a Certified Clarity and Life Transformation Coach, my mission is to help clients connect with their authentic being in order for them to powerfully and successfully achieve their goals and live the life they desire.

My specialties include:
Core Beliefs Coaching: Core beliefs live deep in our subconscious and when wounded, they can be self-limiting. These beliefs can influence our thoughts and cause our negative patterns and self-defeating behaviors which keep us from showing up as our most powerful self in life.

Mindset Coaching: Our mindset is the lens through which we perceive our world and dictates how we interpret our experiences and therefore, our actions, and ultimately our habits. As Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Environmental Design Coaching: There are many different environments which we interact
with and they are ultimately a reflection and result of the many daily conscious and unconscious choices we make. Intentionally designing environments that support and energize who we want to become is a powerful catalyst for growth and goal achievement.

Augusta jumps head first into her own life, looking for awareness, creating powerful, meaningful actions based on her personal transformation. Her integrity and knowledge in coaching come from much more than her training, it is her complete desire to live it herself. She is walking her talk so profoundly that I can’t imagine another coach who could be there with you so completely. She is deep, joyful, intelligent and so very open to life’s experience. Hire her, and life will never be surface level or small for you again.

 – Deanna Stull, CVPCC, PCC CXO – 

As a mother, wife, daughter, and athlete, I am passionate about personal growth and identifying, recognizing, and guiding individual talents and strengths. My journey has been a lifelong one to become my most empowered and aligned self, of daily striving to live to my fullest potential, and to confidently stand in my own truth. I coach from a compassionate place of true knowing and understanding as I can only take my clients as deep as I have gone myself.

My clients are people who:

★ are motivated and goal oriented and are looking to step up and play bigger in their lives and careers.

★ have recently “woken up” after years of motherhood, taking care of a family or others and are looking to cultivate and grow the trust and power within themselves in order to start speaking their truth and achieve their dreams.

★ desire transformation so that they can become who it is they need to become in order to achieve their life, career and health goals.

★ are ready to discover their true purpose in life, their true authentic selves, and to create a life that’s in alignment with their heart’s desires.

★ want to learn about the self-care and self-love that is going to be necessary to do this work!

Growing up in Texas instilled in me the love of the outdoors and the desire for self-exploration. I had the innate desire and ability to push against what other’s thought was “the right way” to do things and spent my young adult years in California finding out what was “the right way” for me. As a collegiate runner and rower and also as a triathlete in Vermont, I know the power of getting comfortable being uncomfortable and the growth that happens by pushing beyond what I feel I can achieve.

I live in the Burlington area and am the mother of two teenage girls who have gifted me with even more growth and also with a deep gratitude for the lessons they and life continue to bring me.

As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), I subscribe to the highest level of ethical and professional standards in the coaching industry. My professional training includes Coachville, LLC, a licensed training provider accredited by the International Coaches Federation.

I’d love to hear from you! I offer free 25 minute exploratory sessions.


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