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Meet Alexandra.

Mirror of your most authentic self. Truth Teller and Reality Checker.

The fact that you’re here means you’re probably in the same place I was in 2013: frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed, and uncertain of your purpose in your career and your life.

And if you’re like me six years ago, you are struggling to find direction and possibly even feeling some shame about your lack of clarity. You are not alone.

Today, I’m a career and life coach. I empower people to discover their true career path, make networking connections, take calculated risks, land interviews and job offers, and establish an environment of abundance and contentment. But back then, I was held back by a job I didn’t like, a toxic relationship, and a HUGE fear of making a change.

I have experienced instability, lack of fulfillment, job loss, and what felt like hopelessness. I have also been on both ends of poor communication and have seen the damage it can do to personal and professional relationships. These experiences have become important lessons that deeply connect me to my work as a Coach supporting my clients in finding purpose, meaning, and even love in their careers and lives.

I draw on my own resilience to show you what you are capable of achieving, both professionally and personally. 

Let me help you up-level your life!

"Alex is one of the most intuitive coaches I know! Highly recommend!"


My work in human resources and background as an athletic coach gives me unique insight into what’s possible. I know how to help my clients find the energy and willpower necessary to overcome perceived limitations and accomplish their goals. I also know what it’s like to make excuses; I made them unwittingly until a life coach pointed them out to me. I made excuses to stay in the wrong job, to stay in a toxic relationship, to eat poorly. I convinced myself not to ask for a raise, not to improve relationships with my family, not to spend time taking care of myself… Sound familiar?

My life coach asked the hard questions and kept me accountable to my answers. Today, this is what I do. I help my clients plan and stick to actionable steps that harness their strength and help them step beyond the decisive points into the richness of their lives.

The word crisis has its origins in the Greek krinein meaning to separate, discern, or discriminate. In Middle English, crisis came to denote the turning point of a disease (very pertinent to my childhood experience) or a journey. In the 17th century, it came to represent a ‘decisive point’ in a person’s life.

Are you ready?


★ Personal Development Coaching
★ Awareness Coaching
★ Strengths-Based Coaching (StrengthsFinder™)
★ Leadership Coaching
★ Accountability Coaching

What to expect when working with me:

– Encouragement and structure

– Hard work

– A judgement-free and safe space

– To be listened to, and to be heard

– Thought-provoking questions

– An honest sounding board

– Homework and mental exercises to complete in between sessions

– Email support in between sessions


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